Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We had a nice sail to Glorieta Bay, anchored in front of Coronado Hotel. The sun was setting and the lights of the Hotel started shining. What a beautiful sight! The girls are exited about the milk and cookies we were told they would have. After dinner we headed down to the dock. Problem! There was no where to leave the dinghy. Matt decided to drop us off. We had to walk a about a mile to get there, but the path was full of obstacles for the girls to make up games along the way and it didn’t seem so long. We took pictures, we watch the people, we looked for cookies and milk, but found nothing. The girls were not too upset because they still had fun dreaming about Christmas, going down the elevator and rolling, hoping, cart wheeling, somersaulting and pushing each other on the spongy grass of the Hotel.

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