Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I wanted action and action is what I got!

Morning at the Yacht Club in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The girls are playing in the pool, Matt is making phone calls and I am taking pictures of an iguana who is always around. I did shots of her on her right side, the left, top, front, back… What a beautiful animal! I talked to her, I looked at her in the eyes, I felt the connection. We were friends! Matt was uncomfortable.. how silly of him, to be uncomfortable with an iguana!. Few more iguanas came near a table next to us, where the people sitting there were feeding them. I am not usually a fan of feeding the wild animals, but I thought maybe a few times here and there would be okay. If they do it.. me too! What an impression I got when I see the iguana hanging on my fingers rather that eating the cracker I was offering… did I feel stupid! I told myself those annoying phrases I tell my husband… in between many... “I told you so!” “See what happen?” and many others in spanish “Que bruta!” “Tonta” “Lesa” . Okay enough! The moral of the story… Sometimes those you thought were your friends will give you bloody fingers… haha, but most importantly: DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS!


Incredible, no one in this town is capable of sending a fax internationally, except for the Post Office who would do it for US$3 per page. We had to send a contract and some documents with a total of 18 pages… wow! There goes the whole daily budget! Of course, I would not do that. I got it done with the help of my sister in law, my Nikon camera, a lot of walking in town searching for copiers, cyber cafes and doughnuts for the girls who tagged along with me during the whole hectic process without a complain. It is not that important what I did, but how I felt… so horribly frustrated!!! I was just a matter of pushing up a button back in the US. On the other hand, the sense of accomplishment I get is such a “high” in my emotions and the satisfaction of seeing the girls enduring hectic times make it all worth the bad while.


The girls and I are back in the Marina, the rain force has been picking up steadily, we are suppose to take a water taxi back to the boat, everyone is well protected with their yellow raining gear, but us. For our protection we had just a few bags of groceries and two flimsy Chinese umbrellas. I made the decision to wait, the rain must stop… eventually. One hour, two… its getting worse and the lightning and thunder is right over our heads. Luckily for us, the marina has a game room where we found refugee and we order a nice dinner, played a modified game of pool and watched a movie in the computer. Matt was waiting for us in the boat. We were “separated by nature”! The rain eased no excuse to stay away from the boat any longer. We called the water taxi, but realized it would take a while to get it. It was a mess! The river, where all boats are anchored, was running furiously, carrying trees, trash, tires, snakes and what ever could not extend arms to hold on. We made it into the boat alright, I read the girls a story, we were all drowsy, about ready to pass out and Matt called me and said “you better come up here”. A few boats have broken loose, our dock is tilted around 45 degrees as a product of accumulated debris pushing against it, stressing the already stressed lines of our boat tied up to it. This combined with the power of the river and the oversized logs hitting the hull of the boat was a very uncomfortable situation. We could only picture the lines snapping and the boat running into the vessel behind us in no time. At one o’clock in the morning, when the tied started to come up overpowering the strength of the river we were able to rest in decent amount of peace.

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