Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trip to Sarchi

Darn! Darn! I should have taken the long way!, I tell myself as I start to feel in trouble. The girls and I are standing on the freeway, trying to flag a bus down to get back to Puntarenas, after an exploratory trip to a different town, many of them have gone by with no intention to stop, it has been 1 hour and the rain is getting stronger, we have two flimsy umbrellas, the girls are sharing one and I am sharing mine with a local lady about 3 times my size who was also waiting for the same bus. The umbrella was enough to cover half of her and my backpack with my camera in it. It’s getting dark and I am truly worried, 30 more minutes of it and I would have dropped a thousand tears.

This all happened after visiting the town of Sarchi; where they elaborate the famous Costa Rican Oxcarts, carts that were used to transport the coffee in the old days and today is used to rip off the tourists. I was told it was easy to get to.. (easy my a…rm!!) and worth the visit. I must have done something wrong because it was a 4 bus ride to it, not that easy in my standards, and once there I found very little to see, except a giant oxcart in the middle of town. After our unsuccessful search for excitement, we were at the bus stop to take the first bus home when someone made the suggestion to go directly to the freeway in a taxi and catch the bus to Puntarenas directly. What a deal! I was saving time and money… WRONG!!

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