Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bahia Honda

After 3 hours of sailing from Brincanco Island we entered Bahia Honda, which is sadly, but gloriously the furthest we will get into Panama, at least by boat. A beautiful bay with a good anchorage, well protected by the green mountains and small islands. Outside, the swell and the wind are unbearable, those are my worse cruising nightmares. We are glad to be here!

Pillows arranged on my back, knees up, feet down, laptop on my stomach in the salon trying to catch up with all this writing ideas that chase my thought all day. Matt is tinkering with the oven who has decided to stop working for me… He just found mercury splattered on the bottom of the stove. It doesn’t look good for my baking career. Samantha and Trinidad are playing with Barbie dolls, trying to decide on names for them; Ginger Snap and Daisy. The different shade of grey in the clouds and the constant threat of rain, which comes and goes make it the perfect time to be functioning this way. The Bay is peaceful with just enough motion to remind me of a lullaby my mom used to sing to me to sleep. A coffee should wake me up… or one of the girl’s screams… oops it just happened, the latest, unfortunately. Double oops! The oven is dead! Bummer! No more pies, oatmeal cookies, casseroles, cakes… CALORIES… Ok, It may be a good thing!!!

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