Monday, September 20, 2010

When to go?

As it is right now, Yacht Path is late 10 days from the original date of September 15th. According to what we have been told informally we should expect the Cargo boat to be late 6 weeks. If there is a good place to wait until they show up, it is here. In Bahia Honda. It is safe, it is beautiful, we have been more than welcome by Domingo and his family and we are keeping our expenses to the minimum. The dilemma is that if the boat is on time we don’t have much room to spare. It will take us about 2 weeks to be back in Golfito, Costa Rica. We will call the company on Friday and if there are no changes to the date as of then, we will be heading back on the 13th. Sadly! We will have to say goodbye sooner than we would like. Domingo keep asking when are we leaving and wishing we had a plans to come back, wishing we could stay.

We called Yatch Path and the boat is on schedule, we must depart on Monday the latest. Sunday preferably. Part of me feels happy that we are moving forward with the plan, but part of me feels sad, will we ever sail this way again? probably not...being here gives me the sensation of an open world for me, how can one turn away from such sensation?

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