Sunday, September 19, 2010

SOS.. shopping!

Now for me, with the “sophisticated” lifestyle that I love (comparatively speaking), being here became a problem when I sent Matt to the store with my skimpy list:

12 Eggs
1 Loaf of whole wheat bread
1 box of milk
1 Lb of chicken
A can of condensed milk (for Coconut drinks)

…and he came back almost empty handed.

To the rescue… there was Edwin! Domingo’s Son in law, who works as a Boat Captain and travels to Puerto Mutis (2 hours away) several times a week to pick up scientists to bring them to a hotel around the corner. He offered to pick provisions for us! I made a list and he was able to find all the items with the exception of the bread. This was specially ordered from another town; Santiago… aaahh! I can only dream of having a walk down the isles of Safeway (the supermarket) spending 15 minutes in just the bread section trying to decide between the 12 grain, the potato, the buttermilk, the sourdough, the whole wheat, the enriched white, the freshly baked baguettes and the others I can only dream of good quality, well presented, shiny, waxed produce… I won’t even go to the other isles in this description of my dreams.

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