Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Isla Parida, last stop in Panama.

High tide this morning was after 8 AM a very decent hour to move on. Camacho was sitting in a bench in front of his house waving good-bye. It took 5 hours to get to Isla Parida where we would start our crossing to Costa Rica at 3 in the morning tomorrow. We are anchored at Bahia Escorpion, beautiful as well as all the islands we have seen. As soon as the anchor set, Matt made his traditional dive, Samantha follow, Trini and I. We swim around the boat for a while. It’s so beautiful, so perfect, but something feels wrong. There is always the worrisome of sharks surrounding us or less dangerous, but awfully annoying jelly fish or who knows.

We got back on board, had lunch, got on the dinghy, rowed to the beach where we played search for fresh water and took pictures. Out of nowhere a little boy, maybe 6 yrs old with a machete on a shoulder and a bucket in his hand walked by. We talked to him, his name was Boni, he showed us a place to get honey, he didn’t talk much, but what he said was very useful, he said for example that one can swim in a lagoon close to his house, but never, NEVER in the ocean, the crocodiles are BIG… I felt the blood circulating faster as I hyperventilate with the thought of “how could we…” What would we have done if…” “Dumb tourist…” A good advice is to always talk to the locals before swimming, before eating, before you start the fun!

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