Sunday, September 19, 2010

Laundry day

The trip to the laundry is about a 10 minute dinghy ride to the nearest waterfall. The soap, the oxy clean, the bleach, the smelly softener and the brush are all in the buckets, the clothes are loaded, the kids are in! We proceeded to our destination. I debated on whether to through all the clothes into the puddles or into the buckets full of water for soaking. I need to look as if I know what I am doing, but the truth is I have no idea; will the clothes end up cleaner than before? I don’t know, but for sure they will smell better. These are my suggested steps:

1. Put water in the buckets
2. Put the color clothes in one and the whites in the other
3. Pour detergent
4. Let it soak
5. Grab, pull up and push down a few times
6. Turn load clockwise and counterclockwise a few times until you decide what the next step should be…
7. mmm…think like a washing machine!
8. Change the water
9. Toss the pieces high up in the waterfall so as they slide down the get and extra scrub
10. Toss it up again, catch them at the bottom.
11. Soak them a little longer
12. Add the Softener (my favorite part)
13. Let it soak into the fabric for a while
14. In the mean time lien against the rocks and let the waterfall massages you.
15. Sit on rock and apply the happy watermelon face shampoo on your hair (no need to say that is the girl’s shampoo). Close eyes, put head back and let the water flow down your hair a couple of times, then apply the extra volume, deep moisturizer Pantene conditioner and repeat the rinsing process… remember the clothes!
16. Squeeze water out of the clothes, put in buckets, put on dinghy, head back to boat and hang on the bow with the stains facing inward or otherwise, others may judge you ability to live in the wilderness!

The cutest part of our laundry day was Samantha doing the Barbie dolls clothing, She scrub, tossed, squeezed, soaked and hanged those 1 or 2 inches pieces of pants, dresses, skirts and swimsuits. I guess it’s a start!

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