Friday, August 13, 2010

Drake’s Bay

Visiting a bay like this one makes up for all those down moments in our cruising voyage. What an amazing place! The contrast of colors is outstanding; black volcanic rock, green trees, pink, red, white and yellow flowers, grey sky, yellow birds. The sounds are invigorating; macaws, toucans, craws, waterfalls, river rapids, frogs. The strong fragrance of Jasmine covers the bay!

Its been said that the famous privateer; Sir Frances Drake’s ship, supposedly, anchored here over 400 years ago with a pirated cargo of gold worth $140,000,000 in today’s currency. So, shovel on the shoulders; we get on the dingy and entered the beautiful river mouth of Drake’s river, almost hidden from the bay. We motored all the way to where the rapids ended and let the currents takes us back out. Later we walked through the hanging bridge and up the muddy trails, but the sun was setting and we did not want to adventure in the dark. Instead, we visited a mystical hotel spa where we had a juices and a couple of margaritas, while watching the white cappuccin monkeys run back and forth on the tin roof.

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