Friday, August 13, 2010


Finally! We are here! I like it! The anchorage is perfect! Mirror like water! It’s green! No bugs! Our friends from Ganymede are here, we are reunited after 2 months of crossing each other and almost the lost hope of a reencounter. As we entered the channel we get a call from them announcing the birthday of their boat and extending an invitation to have cake at the club house of the Cruisers Lodge. Soon Ben and his girls are over to get Samantha and Trinidad. That was joy; for them to see one another and for us to see the girls’ faces.
There are several places to anchor, moor or dock the boats, but we followed the recommendations of our guidebook. We anchor and use and enjoy the amenities of “The Cruises Lodge” The place was built by an American couple who have done an amzing job at giving it character and practicality. For $6 a day we could use the dingy dock, the shower, browse through a nice library, watch cable tv, use wi-fi and have free Costa Rican coffee, although, I never made it early enough to have a full cup.

My favorite part of this place were the walls.. What and awesome idea! All boats have left their mark for which they supply the paint and tools. I made sure we left a good one of Endurance. If you are ever there, you wont be able to miss it.
We have checked out and must go today! We’ll be back sometime before Yacht Path leaves… it could be a 1 or 2 months!

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