Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walking the streets of David

Matt, wanted us to leave him alone to do work on the boat… fine!!! We went alone to adventure through the streets of David in search of something special, cultural, historical something to store in our memories and stories repertoire. It is hot and humid.. we are not even half a block away from the marina and the kids are complaining. I could sympathize with their discomfort, but if I responded with what they would like me to respond, we will likely be stuck at the boat most of the time and this trip would be purposeless. I also like to justify the torture I give them with the growth they get with the simple interaction with the locals; people and their ways of living. At the end of the day, they always feel as if they have discovered something. My main accomplishment was to take them to the oldest part of the Chiriqui Provence where a few houses and a church tower remains. It was not too impressive, but it could have been... I live according to my motto “Don’t miss your chance to see something or meet someone new every day”

Today, their big discovery was the shaved ice for a quarter!! They were delicious! In a plaza, outside the elementary school stood “El Tata”; a man in his bicycle cart shaving ice for the kids that were about to get out of class. We ordered right in time, the bell rang and the kids run to him extending their arms with their quarters trying to get their order; Strawberry, mint, grape or pineapple, condensed milk on top. Samantha was impressed with the success of his business even Trini quoted: “He will be rich someday!”

As we are walking back to downtown, I meet Mr. Armando; a young man in his 70s. Who for some reason said to be touched by us. He was a kind man, he said he was a surgeon taking a vacation in David, his place of origin, he seemed honest, he assured me that next year he was going to Chile on vacation and he would like to take me… wow! He was a sweet man, but at that point I felt I better move on!...hehe.

Our day in town ended after treating ourselves to some fresh bread and a taxi ride back to Pedregal.

We stood at the dock hoping for Matt to see us from the boat anchored in front, but on the other side of the river. We waved, we yelled, we dance and nothing, except we did call the attention of some workers in the marina who then started whistling to help us, they succeeded!. Matt picked us up.

Its time for dinner and I planned to make spaghettis, some of the worse dishes to make in the heat. The boat turns into a sauna, but it was worth it. Samantha had seconds. After dinner the girls from Ganymede came over and watched a movie with our girls, they had cookies and milk.

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