Friday, August 13, 2010

Good bye Puntarenas

“Put her to the rudder!” yells Matt, that means leave Puntarenas. A “panga” from the yacht club leads us out the shallow, 2 mile estuary to open water, sails are hoisted and along we go at a cool 5.5 knots.

Four hours latter we drop the hook in Heradura, Great! Another rolly anchorage, we were forewarned by friends and our guide book so we slept as best we could and headed the next morning to Punta Uvita, where we actually had a decent nights sleep. Excited to unload the dingy in the morning and explore the beach we were halted by the Costa Rican Coast Guard informing us we anchored in a marine national park. Up comes the anchor and four hours later we are in Drakes Bay.

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