Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Endurance departs

“Endurance, do you copy?” “We are ready for you”… we motor up, next to the big cargo ship “Amazon” Matt put me in charge of throwing the bow line up to the line handlers with instructions that I could not digest well in the short time we had. I threw the line once, twice and again, it felt as if the lines were heavier and heavier and heavier, proportionally direct with my embarrassment and the rolling of my shoulders. There was so much heat in the moods of the people around, it was hectic and stressful as it always been when tying to a dock, but this time with more than one captain giving the instructions. The crane came down, the belt hugged Endurance and the rest we missed. We were pushed into a panga and forced to face away from her. Later that day I went to see how and where she got strapped down and to get the last few pictures from far. That night we saw the Amazon turning away and disappeared in the distance with Endurance on her back. The girls waved as they saw their furry friends go away and Matt and I got overwhelmed with feelings of sadness. Something felt wrong about sending her without us. It sounds ridiculous to me to be giving her life, but the truth is that the bitter feelings are more related to the adventure that is being turned around. What have taken us 8 months to do, will only take 5 days to reverse! We didn’t dwell too long on it, we had a tasty hamburger in front of us to enjoy.

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