Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another threat to my mental sanity

The little privileges we seem to have these days were about to be taken away by an alternature’s failure. The batteries are not charging, they seemed to have gone down to critical levels and we are about to have no power at all, the fridge had to be shut down, the lights had to be off, the radio, the autopilot, the radar and the chart plotter. Ultimately, the engine would have fail to start so we had to take our chances when we anchored by turning it off.

We anchored in Matenchen Beach in San Blas around 4 in the afternoon. There is only one more boat anchored there. The girls and I got in the dinghy and row towards them to say hello, get a piece of their story and information about San Blas that would become useful to us. Matt stayed on the boat to work out the issues. He did it!! We are back into shape.

The sun is going down, the ocean looks like a pond and the metal colors of the sky shine over Endurance. I think I got my favorite picture shot right here.

Early morning we must enter the channel to get to the marina and anchorage to get to the town of San Blas. We are advised to call “Jama”, a man from the US who has lived here for many years and he has been helping sailors. He guided us through the entrance. It is not that easy. The waves break right there and there are sand bars where we could get stacked, then slammed and/or pushed to the rocks. We made it across with no problems and the priceless assistance of Jama. We were soon setting the anchor in the new place.

The dinghy dock is right at the Marina where for $60 (US$5) pesos a day you get internet access, showers, trash disposal, use of the swimming pool and Laundry for only $18 pesos (do it yourself type) more. It’s a very small marina, very clean and at an extremely reasonable price. We took advantage of all of the services.

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