Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The passage to Mazatlan begins

At 6:45 AM we made our first pot of coffee, hoisted anchor, put the dinghy on deck and were on our way by 7:10 AM. 230 nautical miles to go at an average of 5 knots should put us there in 46 hrs. The passage so far has gone well. We spotted one sea turtle a few whale spouts in the distance and an incredible amount of phosphorescent.

The girls really enjoyed our attention today. We played cards, did some schooling, made bread, and had a great time playing finger puppets supplied by our dear friends John and Ginny. After a comforting spaghetti diner, we told each other stories, and by 7:30 PM the girls and I were in bed reading the last few chapters of a book called Edward Tulane by Kate diCamillo that talks about the journey of a china rabbit. One of the chapters was so sad that I choked while reading and Samantha said to me “I even had one tear come out of my eye!”. We finished the book, turned off the lights and fell quickly asleep. Matt was on watch until midnight. Now I am up. Tethered and trying to write with the moonlight. Not enough light, but I seemed to manage.

As much as I love getting to ports and dislike the nauseous feeling I get at some of these passages, I must say that it is nice to have these moments of solitude to catch up with ourselves. Trini was feeling overwhelmed last night with the “busy good life” she was crying and said to me “ this is too much, I cant do it, going to the beach, exploring, playing, back to the beach, going to diner with friends, It is just too much!” I hugged her very tight and assured her that we would have two days of peace.

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