Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was a very uncomfortable passage for me, I felt sick most of the way and tired. I wanted out of the boat quickly. I still don’t know if it was dehydration, the pancakes I ate or just plain sea sickness. It was 2 nights and 2 full days in the sea. We spotted a couple of turtles and flying fish. Other than I don’t know, I kept my eyes closed for as long as I could.

We arrived in Mazatlan at 7 in the morning, Matt shut off the motor and he yelled “we have visitors!!” Brad and Lisa from Tenacious Grace came to welcome us. Its such a gift to see them again!. We shared a cup of coffee and got a complete report of everything we should expect from the city.

It has been a couple of days since we arrived and we are having a wonderful time. The highlights so far have been a hike to the light house with a friend, her dog “Apple” and the girls. We saw 4 iguanas!!. Later we walk through the old town, just me, the girls and Zach from Tenacious. Matt had to work on the boat and run some errands in town so we did our own thing. Went to the market to see the pigs heads, went to the Theater and opera house were the kids were able to be in stage with mom as their only audience. Zach played the piano, Samantha did some ballet and Trini did somersaults from one side to the other. We then visited a couple museums, stopped at a bakery for some bread and sweets and sat on the main square to feed the pigeons. (Plaza de la Revolucion). Despite the long, very long walk the kids loved it. My legs were tired so I cant even imaging the short legs of these kids.

We had guests for diner; Jeff and Nancy, a couple our age we met briefly in Turtle Bay, but only at this point we are getting to know one another. They are in their way to Costa Rica, so luckily for us, we will be running into each other often. Their boat name is Oblivion. The girl got treated with Jelly beans!! Thank you Oblivion, especially for those Popcorn and pear flavor ones…hehe

Internet has been an issue, I cant stand it!!!! Today is my turn of solitude to catch up with the blog and picture gallery. Matt took the girls to the beach and I headed to town in the public bus, with the computer that weights a ton.. (I should have gotten a “netbook”). I got off the bus, walked a few blocks through downtown, found a wonderful coffee shop with Wi Fi, sat down in a cozy corner, got ready to order an expresso, pulled out the computer and…..###@#$#@@... I forgot the cable!!!! I wanted to cry!. I packed my stuff, walked out and wondered why this happen? There must be a reason to it. Maybe I needed the exercise, maybe I was supposed to meet someone in my way back (which I did), maybe I should pick up my laundry, maybe someone was going to enter the coffee shop to rob the customers.. haha. I laugh at myself. I got on a bus to come back, got off by the laundry mat, pick up my 20 lbs of laundry, (a bag half my height) and there I met a boy who reminded me so much of my little brother, Gonzalo. I miss him dearly. I carried my bag and my computer towards the bus. I wished then I had a shopping cart and a cup for donations. Got on the right bus who dropped me right in front of the anchorage and waited for some compassionate soul to give me a ride back to my boat.
Then I met Lucy and her husband, they gave me a ride and offered me Tamales for Saturday, unfortunately, we won’t be here then.

Here I am, sitting in a wonderful spot, with zero noise, with a wonderful view updating this blog; my boat. Now I must figure out how to get back to land to post it online.

We will be departing tomorrow afternoon toward “Isla Isabela” and from there to Puerto Vallarta where we will meet Grandma Karen (Matt’s mom) and anyone who wishes to come visit us.

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