Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our departure got delayed

The wind is picking up, the forecast calls for 10 to 15 knots of wind. Its very rough out there. I radio our friends from Tenacious to let them know we are staying an extra day and as we are discussing our plans Brad tells me we are dragging. For a second I thought he was joking, but then, someone else gets on the channel to confirm we were. Matt jumped out quickly to start the motor and I run to hoist 100 feet of anchor. I manage to do it in a record time. We were extremely close to the boat behind us. One minute later we would have rafted up with them in a very unfriendly way. I was feeling a little embarrassed by this, people would have thought of us as the draggers, but then I see Tenacious Grace dragging as well. They are so nice that it makes me think they just wanted to sympathize with us. Given the conditions of the anchorage, muddy bottom and over crowded. We decided to move to the other side of the bay and so did Tenacious.

It was a much better place, much cleaner water and much more room to proceed with unforgettable combat of water balloons in between us and Tenacious. We were the attackers in the dinghy, them, the defenders on board their boat. The battle lasted for about an hour and the casualties were minimal. We were forced to raise a white flag when Samantha got a good shot on the face.

In the afternoon, Lisa, Kat, her friends from Canada and I headed to the Golden Zone in a taxi with a super powerful stereo playing disco music. We sang, dance and enjoyed the long ride through Mazatlan. We ended the day at the Mega supermarket were I got food supplies. I overloaded my backpack and put my back through the test. Luckily, everyone gave me a hand and I only cracked one egg in the way. Not bad!

The next day was a beautiful day, we must leave around 4 in the afternoon so we can enjoy a day at the beach. Buggy boarding, Frisbee, and walks in the back road. It was a very relaxed afternoon. It is 4 o’clock, we must start the procedure for departure. The wind is picking up again, Matt thinks it will be ok once we are out, wrong!! We left with winds ranging from 25 to 30 knots. I noticed some nerviousness on Matt’s behavior. I believed going back was not an option. Despite the strong winds and the swell of maybe 10 feet we were going with it. After dark the swell didn’t matter so much, we couldn’t see it, just feel it. Occasionally, I would look over Matt’s head and I could see a wall of water. I remained calmed even after Matt says; prepare the ditch bag!. The girls were sleeping and they seemed comfortable I knew we would get over that and in the morning we would arrive in a beautiful beach.

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