Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our last night in La Paz

After being in town trying to catch up with my writing, I headed down to the marina where Matt and I agreed to meet. I used the radio at Club Cruceros to let him know I was at the dock. The sun was about to set, very promising photo opportunity. I see Matt on the other side of the dock taking to James from Pyxis and Matilda’s crew who were still under the Marina’s care. Now they are coming to my rescue. Its only Samantha and Matt, Trini must have stayed with James, she is my very social child. Sami is exited to show me her findings of snails (nudibrincks). We go back to get Trini at the dock and James is making hot chocolate. Perfect! Its cold and windy, the sunset its at its best and the girls are happy. It couldn’t get better.

There is a 70 plus feet boat at the dock called “Dragonera” a young man is in charge of it, his name is Renato from Rio de Janeiro. We met him earlier when we were at the dock, but did not get the tour of the boat until this night. He offered us the tour and a few cocktails. It gave me a taste of luxury sometimes I dream of. The girls were hanging out with Catelin at the dock.

The crew from Matilda prepared diner for all of us. It all turned out to be a fantastic night with even live music provided by the musicians on board Biff and Hayden with a ukulele and a guitar, plus the wonderful voices of all of us. The girls fell hard asleep on the dock under the stars.

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