Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We must reconsider next stop

The winds make a turn and by 2 in the morning our wind speedometer show 10 knots. It’s manageable now, Matt seems to have recovered the color on his face. I picked the fruits and vegetables that flew off the hammocks and run a fast checklist of all the new bruises on my hips. I then stepped out to the cockpit to relieve Matt of his watch for a while. Its all calm and uneventful not a light in the horizon. I am still pretty tired, but I manage to stay up until 6. Considering the night we’ve had and the conditions of the anchorage of Isabela Island (our desired destination) we decided to skip it and go straight to San Blas. We couldn’t put our bodies through another stressful night. I know Matt was heart broken. Isabela is supposed to be a great place for the kids to explore and he has very fond memories of it.

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