Saturday, May 15, 2010

3rd day passage; I love this, I love it not, I love this, I love it not…

How hectic can it get? Matt is undisposed, collapsed on the back seat of the cockpit, he opens his eyes just to roll them, to let me know he is unavailable, sick, sick. If he has to get up he barks, he feels awful and he probably wants to turn me into a frog. Richard on the other hand is tired, has only slept a few hours here and there for the last couple of days. He is down bellow trying to sleep. I, I… well I still have 2 girls asking for water, lunch, dinner, snacks, play time and its all an emergency. I keep cool for the first few requests, but as I am serving water, I get a call from the bathroom asking for “unroyal” assistance I realized the witchy side of me revives!!. I got most things under control, all grounds covered, poorly, but covered. Matt wakes up and tells me he is sorry.. what an opportunity for me to let him know how inconvenient his sickness is. On the other hand, I can see the anger already if I say anything, I retract, I mumble, I controlled myself. By 9 o’clock at night he is doing better and he offered to do my watch, so this time I could actually fall asleep with the girls. How nice! Knowing that the next day we would be at Bahia del Sol, our destination, put me in a wonderful mood..

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