Thursday, May 27, 2010

A week in Costa Rica today.

It has been a week and one day since we arrived, the girls and I moved in to my sister-in-law’s house. She seems to be willing to have us around. I try to be helpful to her to lighten up the load of having us, I try to be quite to not disturb the household routine, but the truth is that the only way to be unnoticeable in someone’s home is.. to be out!.... We didn’t get out!.. they did!. They left today for a family vacation and we are home sitting. In my defense, they had this trip planned for a while, we are not the reason..hehe.

Matt ‘s sister and her family have lived in Costa Rica for over 18 years running a well known sport fishing business ( Their house is just half a block from the beach and it is naturally fenced behind by a good sample of the rain forest. It’s a wonderful place! Every morning I wake up with what one would think is the alarming roars of a beast, but it is the howl of a cute little monkey protecting their space!! The Howler Monkey! They live up in the trees, so it is difficult to see them, but possible. The girls have seen them and as expected, they love it, almost as much as the several talking parrots in the neighborhood and the fireflies in the garden at night.

I have enjoyed so much being here with them, cooking together, sharing a glass of wine in the evenings, planning our futures, helping each other. Not to mention the luxuries of having a home; showers, clean linens and clothing, wide spaces, a yard, a large kitchen where you don’t have to move items back and forth to get into the fridge, a toilet that you don’t need to pump, satellite TV, 24/7 internet.

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