Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Preparing boat for the new crew member

We want to be ready to go when Richard arrives. He will be here in two days, but tomorrow is Trinidad’s Birthday and we have to make it all about her, so everything must be done today, except for the boat cleaning that will be done Tuesday morning. The cleaning only last a couple of hours so it will happened that he will get here to a sparkly clean boat. I want him to get the feeling of going on a cruise rather than to work at sea. That concept will be introduce to him on the go..hehe. Although, I am thinking like a woman. The more I develop the idea in my mind of having a fancy, new, better shape boat, the more I convince myself that Matt’s purpose of this trip would be defeated. I think that most men feed and enrich their life with rough circumstances. The roughest they get the better they feel. Well, that is my husband any way and I have a feeling that Richard is the same.

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