Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain, rain go away, come again… when we are gone

I love the rain, the sound of it, the green it leaves behind, the gem looking water drops on the banana leafs, the way my coffee tastes as this happens, the homey feeling of any under roof place, plus when its not accompanied by cold, but instead the perfect temperature, how much better could it get?., well.. its enough! The mold is growing faster than we can attack; we need sunshine quickly or will be growing mushrooms in the boat. Now, I get why the cruising books recommended to mark all canned goods with its content (the labels fall), why you want to put all the fabrics in plastic bags, why electronics go to hell, why the tropics can be ferocious on your possessions. Tomorrow we will be going to the boat to asses the situation.. I am really scared for what I will find!
In between rain clowds I have managed, for the last 2 days to go to the beach and take Melissa’s dogs for a run. I just love it! No one is there, just a few other dogs. I feel inspired to exercise! I run, I review some martial art techniques (just in case someone is hiding in the bushes) and I throw coconuts for one of the dogs. Amazingly, before we enter the beach, she finds a fallen coconut; she husks it and takes in, hoping I will play. She will swim for it, go under water to find it, get smashed by waves and if she doesn’t succeed, then she goes to get a new one and repeats the process.

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