Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to La Herradura

We finally made it up the river to the town where we could finally find some produce, milk and read. The river ride was beautiful. Mainly because it was decorated by the fishermen in their charming dugouts!

Besides the food we needed, also found the clothing store where for a $1 I was able to buy myself a perfect, super sexy shirt and Matt a perfect fitting pair of shorts for $2! I can’t recognize myself when I think of the older days walking through the mall spending $100’s on clothing. No matter how much money I spend, I still get the satisfaction of buying something.. I am still a shopaholic! (I confess!).

It was in this town where I found the most decorated, ruffled up aprons, yellow, black, white, pink, blue with lace, with flowers with secret pockets with golden thread, etc. All the women wear them during hours of labor. I had to get one, thje secret pocket may become handy!
Our last stop was at the bakery; mud ovens, fire going full, dough rising, men rolling and the flies exploring. I bought a few rolls, despite the flies. At this point my body needs them!.

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