Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother’s day at sea.

Well, better than I thought, they remembered! I got the greetings when I opened my eyes, I even got a cup of coffee. I can’t really complain for much, celebrations are difficult while on the go. My kids do so many little things that make my day, I could never question their love and appreciation they have for their mother. Could I say that this day was uneventful? Never! In fact, I was able to go for a swim in the deep blue sea! Literally, DEEP BLUE!. No land on sight, in the middle of nowhere. My only paranoia was the thousand fins than could have been surrounding me. I remained closed to the latter and practice in my mind the escape.

Matt and Richard called their mother and sister/wife on the satellite. I wished I could have placed that call. My mother is gone, 5 years ago she lost her painful battle with Cancer. I guess I can always pray for her and be faithful that her soul is with me and listening. She was such a wonderful mother. I still feel her presence, I could still hear her words, her songs and I could still see her smile. She was my friend, she loved me, I loved her… I do!. I got that knot again! SWALLOW, SWALLOW.. I want to scream and cry, but I must conserve the water in the system.. BREATH! BREATH!. Oh hec! I can’t control it unless I change the thoughts!.

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