Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our least favorite experience in El Salvador

It was riding the bus the store 20 miles away. The speed, the crowd, the loud music, the safety, the yelling “dale, dale” (means go go!!) wow! Overwhelming! The kids were ready to recycle their breakfast! When it was time to get off the bus, I found myself saying a little prayer..hehe. They literally grab you and pull you off. “Apurence, apurence” (hurry, hurry). We got to the “store”. Interestingly, but not surprisingly it was empty; 3 workers and the 4 of us. It was expensive and poorly stocked. Someone told me that a typical wage in the area was US $6 to 8 a day. A can of tuna cost $2, a beer $1 (this is not a reflection of my priorities, just my memory; It didn’t have much more than that anyway!) I wondered then, how can they afford to buy food? Or the prices get hyped up when they see the gringos?. Well I had to ask! The answer was simple; they don’t eat can tuna! They eat beans and rice, plenty of fruits, eggs and PAPUSAS!.

We bought Samantha a new pair of flip-flaps!! She was so happy, she grabbed the old ones and gave them to a little girl across the street.

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