Saturday, May 15, 2010

4th day. El Salvador!!!

Its 5 in the morning, since I didn’t do the night watch I offered to do the morning one. I realized that it is a very desirable time. Matt had kept it a secret all these months. Richard didn’t want to go to bed and Matt wanted to wake up to see the sunrise and take the boat closer to shore. The 3 of us ended up in the cockpit, mesmerized by the light display of the morning sunshine and energized by the incredible sites of El Salvador Coast and the commotion of two fishing lines going out successfully and returning with 2 sierras macros for tonights dinner. By 9 in the morning we had a full breakfast served in the cockpit with chayote and carrot cake,eggs, ham, cheese, semi-freshly-squeezed oranges.

A few minutes ago I could barely keep my eyes open, but as I am preparing the bed I found in the snack hole a bag of Passion fruit jelly covered with dark chocolate.. such a pretty picture.. mmm. Such an interesting combination, how long are we going to save this snack?. I just allowed myself to have one, but one was not enough to enjoy the full flavor 2, oh well a hand full, the bag is open, I will take one more... so I lost track how many went in. Now I am awake again

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