Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arrived in Costa Rica

Its May 19th, the day I turned 39. For some reason, hormones, maybe or just the high expectations one carries this day always ends up being an emotional day for me. However, I was treated to a traditional Costa Rican breakfast by Richard while Matt executed all the paperwork to enter the country. Later that day we entered the bay of Potrero where Melissa (my dear sister-in-law) Kiara (My niece) and her boyfriend Andres where waiting for us on the beach! We had a Margarita and dinner at “Las Brisas” (a local restaurant), where they cooked the shrimp that Richard traded for us with the shrimpers we ran into while sailing earlier that day. Later, at her house, she pulled out a chocolate cake out of the fridge. Delicious and very special. Thank you Melissa!

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