Friday, January 29, 2010

Bahia Balandra

After 2 days in Los Muertos we sail away with Tenacious Grace, leaving behind our friend James from Pyxis. I could avoid to feel disappointed when he decided to stay behind, but it was very understandable. The diving in los Muertos was fenomenal and his final destination for the moment is La Paz so there is no rush for him to keep going.

It was 8 in the morning, our sail was full, about 100 yards off to our port side 3 whales decorate our view, filling the morning with excitement. The rest of the sail was smooth, Tenacious Grace on our side, at times close enough that we could exchange words and candies that we through to each other.

We arrived at Bahia Balandra and so far the most beautiful and exiting place we have been. The rock formations, erosion, the shallow water and the colors fill my thoughts with all the activities we will be able to do. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and more. Set the anchor at 13 feet deep, turned off the navigation switches, put the dinghy in the water and inflated the kayaks. Matt and the girls took the dinghy and I took the two person kayak and picked up Lisa. We kayaked around the rocks with the sunset on our sides. So inspiring, such a master piece of Art!

We cooked dinner and prepared to watch a movie with popcorn, everything went according to plan until we put our heads on the pillow, bang, bang, splash, splash it was not the wake of a boat. Matt was concerned that if we were turned around we would experience severe rolling and he was not up for that. He got up, run strong ties to the dinghy, started the motor, raise the anchor and left. I notified Tenacious Grace and didn’t question his decision. Trying to anchor somewhere at night is not safe, but he considered that it was worth staying. The seas are rough, the waves, not big, but coming from all directions. It was hard to predict the movements of the boat. Things inside are banging and the girls sleeping as if nothing was happening. I added a few more bruises to my arms and legs.

I was not afraid, just very uncomfortable, I said a little prayer so the wind would calm. It did! We entered the channel in Pichilingue to find the anchorage. We had a guessing game with the navigations lights that mark the channel. This was important, you miss one and end up on the reef. Using our paper charts, our chart plotter, the radar and Matt incredible talent and expertise we made it to a pleasant anchorage.We dropped 150 feet of anchor chain and then realized that we were extremely close to the channel. If the boat swings at night we will be in the middle of it and maybe awaken by a large ferry trying to go by. We assessed the situation one more time and decided to stay. I had a wonderful sleep.

I woke up with the sound of the motor. We are now in the way to La Paz. Only 2 hours away.

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