Friday, January 29, 2010

San Jose del Cabo

Just a few miles East of Cabo is San Jose del Cabo a much quieter place, very nice and with a nice marina in which we were able to stay for $40 a night with no electricity. It was good place, but still under construction. As it has become a regular routine right after the arrival Matt wash the boat and I organize and clean the inside. After all this was done, James and us caught a taxi ride to the town of San Jose for a well deserved and long missed ice cream. It was a clean and very attractive little town. We walked up and down the streets, bought some postcards, ate our ice cream and walked away from the touristic street. We found a “Bazar” were we purchase a few Chinese nick nacks. As usual; one of the kids had to use the bathroom. The employees were a little hesitant to let us use it, mainly because there is no running water so we had to use buckets to flush the toilet. To end our walk through town we stopped for “Tortas” (Mexican sandwich) at a hidden, local restaurant that fitted our budget. This was not one of the fancy places we walked in the main strip, where the margaritas looked amazing, the plates are nicely decorated, the tables are covered with bright and inviting colors and everyone eating there has a look of sophistication. It was quite the opposite. Our conversation during dinner was all about remedies for intestinal infections. Fortunately, the food was good and no one had a problem in the following days.

Next morning we prepared to leave. We took our time because our idea was to anchored right outside the marina. It didn’t work as planned and we ended up sailing into rough seas with waves breaking into the bow. I managed to elaborate a meal to which I added half a table of Dramamine for the girls. It was to late for us to take anything so we had to deal with the sea sickness and venture into the dark as we sail to our next anchorage in Bahia Los Frailes.

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