Friday, January 29, 2010

Bahia Los Frailes

We arrived a little before 11 at night. It is a stressful situation to anchored this late. We must find a spot open enough for our boat considering the radio in which we will swing, but estimating distances in the dark is extremely challenging so pretty much we must guide ourselves by sounds. The sound of the breaking waves.

When we woke up, we realized that there were more boats than what we counted the night before, over 10, most of which were known vessels and friends that had been ahead of us.
The snorkeling was fantastic, the beach on the anchor side was a little rocky, not very comfortable for the barefooted people we prefer to be. There was a good hike up into Cerro Los Frailes which we did with my friend Lisa from Tenacious Grace. The kids played in the dunes, climbing the rocks and built habitats with Hermit crabs and sea snails. We all got to enjoy the rock climbing activity that James set for us.

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