Friday, January 29, 2010

Bahia de Los Muertos

We had a wonderful sail, arrived in Bahia de Los muerto around 11 in the morning. There is a restaurant on one side of the bay where we will have Interntet and Margarita Access!! Sounds like a good combination to me. On the other side of the bay there is Playa de los Suenos. A beautiful resort that Matt and the girls discovered and took advantage of the Jungle Gym they had for the children.

Samantha wants to show me the place, Trini wants to visit James and Matt wants to work on the motor. He suggested we take the dinghy, but warns me about hidden rocks under water and shallow spots that would destroy the propeller. After getting my level of stress high, I left, the ride went well, but as I was getting near the shore, the waves started to look bigger and bigger. I am not sure If it was my imagination or it was real. I told Samantha I couldn’t do it. She was disappointed and so was I, I tried again, the waves now look even bigger, she is crying and I was at the edge of it, a mix of fear, frustration and anger. I was overwhelmed. We returned to Endurance, Matt decided to take us, after all, what was he going to do with two emotional girls on board. He dropped us off, piece of cake!, The two of us had a wonderful time, we walked back and climb up and slide down the dunes, collected sea shells and sea glass. I love having a one and one with the girls. We have the best talks this way.

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