Friday, January 29, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

The excitement builds up as we approach the famous rock in Cabo San Lucas, the mark that a journey that I feared for long has been reached. The bottom of Baja. I was promised that from that point forward we would find paradise and more paradise. As beautiful as it is, the noise, obnoxious tourist activities, amount of boats do not make Cabo San Lucas a very pleasant place to be.

We had to keep a close eye for the jet skiers that use the boats anchored on the bay as parts of an obstacle course. Open from 8 till Sunset. We know someone who had the bitter experience of having one of these machines crash into their boat. It was costly and unforgettable since the skier lost his life.

The beach was beautiful, full of vendors dressed in white selling baskets, clothing, jewelry, braids and bobble head turtles and “chicle” (bubble gum). Restaurants and bars all along the beach with their “incredible” offers of Happy Hour, two beers for the price of one at double the price!! Thirst and the comfort of a sit under a palapa makes us play fool and we go for it.

The girls got beautiful dresses from one Mayan Lady! We were able to bargain a little and got each for $7.00, they were so happy!, they put them on and dance around the table.

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