Friday, January 29, 2010

Snorkeling and tide pooling!!

The snorkeling on the reef of Santa Maria is beautiful, but the water is still cold so Trini and I found more practical to observe the fish from the dinghy. After all the water is extremely clear. Matt, Samantha and James experienced the real thing and James was actually very productive, he got a couple of Grouper fish and a Pompano. We share we other cruiser anchored in this bay and ate some for dinner.

When the tide goes down.. it goes down! Leaving beautiful flat beaches where you get and instinctive feeling of running, jumping cart wheeling or anything. I felt like a kid who wanted to play. I couldn’t let such a wonderful play escape!. On the other side, by the reef the scenery was amazing as well, but this time there were fantastic rocks to play hide and sick, to make houses and pretend play for Trini, to play in the tide pools and hide in the caves. Not to mention a good place to learn about the life of the small creatures such as sea snails, crabs and sea anemones. James caught and brought to us an electric Ray. We got to touch it, he got the shock. We like having our good friend James with us..he.

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