Friday, January 29, 2010

It is time to provision again

We had options, Sam’s Club, Costco or City Club if we wanted to buy the crates of stuff or Walmart, CCC, Soriana and maybe others if we wanted to keep it manageable. We had to keep in mind that all we bought would have to be loaded in the dinghy and then pushed out into the break in the beach along with the girls, Matt, James and Myself. I didn’t feel intimidated by it, I figure it would get done somehow and gracefully.

We went through the isles carefully, checking for exotic products and flavors. It was fun! Specially when I was left shopping alone. I touched, compared, smelled and decided. It is my not very efficient, but still favorite way to shop.

The bill came out to a little more than 2000 pesos.

We took a taxi ride to the beach, and proceeded with the difficult operation of loading the dinghy.. All the merchandise was in, the girls were in and Matt was in. James swam next to us and I boarded half way to the boat.

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