Friday, January 29, 2010

Bahia Santa Maria

Left at 3 AM on the 31st. Matt got up, hoisted the anchor, started the motor and took us out of Asuncion. I manage to fall back to sleep after all the noise the operation entitled and Matt’s own addition. I got up at at 5:30 to see the sunrise and keep him company. After the girls woke up I made pancakes for breakfast and fed them. We had some left over to share with our fellow cruiser James who left this morning as well. The problem was he miss the throw so the seagulls benefited from his loss.

It has been the roughest sailing so far, The girls got a little seasick, the boat inside was completely unattended today. It was simply impossible to be inside. Things were sliding from port to starboard, the covers opened and plates and silverware were flying out to the floor. I think we broke our movie player.. For dinner, I managed to make some bean quesadillas and a butter-ham sandwich.

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