Friday, January 29, 2010

La Paz

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How exiting it is for me to arrive here I was so curious to see what it was, Matt has talked about La Paz for years as part of his adventures earlier in life. We have achieved another goal and I still want to keep sailing. It is a great life!

Laundry, boat cleaning, provisioning food, fuel, propane and water are all being done. Now we have the convenience of a Marina for the next 4 days. Oh how nice is to run water and turn all the lights and get in and out into a dock! It is nice not having to divide your shower in phases, as you do onboard, phase 1: get wet, phase 2 put soap, phase 3: rinse. A few more phases are added if I have to wash my hair.

La Paz has a large and very organized cruising network, at 8 in the morning the Net gets on channel 22. It starts with emergency calls, weather reports, proceeds with local assistance, swaps and trades, trades for "coconuts", crew requests and they schedule mail delivery. Everyone listening can participate by giving their boat name first. I truly enjoy when someone gets a recognitions, the coordinator asks everyone to give a few clicks on the radio. (the VHF applause) Right after that, everyone meets at coffee hour next to the marina where they have a club house. They do book trades and run a movie lending program. The girls are enjoying this service!.

Besides Tenacious Grace there are a few other people on boats that we know the others are coming in couple of days. It is interesting how we have become a tie group. We follow each others progress and make plans accordingly, but La Paz is a turning point and we all go in different directions. Some of them are going home, some are going further north, some are going to the South Pacific and others to Central America.

We really hoped to find more children around, there are few. Zach and Kat from Tenacious Grace, even though they are a little older, have been so good to know. The girls have love their friendship much as we have enjoyed the friendship of Lisa and Brad.

We took buses and taxis with our friends, visited most stores of interest, tried all different combinations of foods such us Tostilocos, tostilotes, camaron en rajas, etc. We even went to the movies. Took long walks, had many ice creams and socialize with good friends; Blue, Nyami Nyami, Anon, Pyxis, Matilda, Tenacious Grace, Keetya 1.

Today our friends from Tenacious Grace are leaving to Mazatlan, I was hoping they would go with us up to the islands of Partida and Espiritu Santo, but they decided otherwise. We hope we run into each other again!!

I must put my writing away for now, the girls are awaked and I must start breakfast

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