Friday, January 29, 2010

Bahia Magdalena (“Mag Bay”)

It is time to sail further South, we could go straight South to Cabo or do the detour to “Mag Bay”. Some of our friends are in Mag Bay and every book suggest stopping there, would we miss something.. our last chance.. 1,2,3.. we are going in. I was a little disappointing after being a beautiful Santa Maria. Mag Bay was hit by the last hurricane and the town was destroyed. The church has been abandoned, only the doves and forgotten plastic flowers decorate the interior. The roof has been blown, the pews are there and the door remains open for curious tourist or devout people like us. Our boat coincidentally was anchored right in front of Jesus view. We were blessed.

The local kids held a baseball game that we had to join. It was a nice way to make our children interact with the local kids. Their bat was a piece of 2 x4. Matt and James, being carpenters felt that the bat could be improved. James started the project and Rob from “Keetya 1” finished it. It turned out beautiful. They held a short game that day and even Samantha had a chance to play.

We shared some of our candies with the local kids and they took us for a hike. We went as far as I felt comfortable with the kids. We got the nice view of the bay and all of our boats, took pictures and came down. I got a little uncomfortable with the kids. One of them kept asking me how many cameras I had in the boat, could I give her one, she told me about a sad Christmas and how much she could use a camera. I wish I could have spare some, but not in this trip.. Am I being a bad Christian? Was I being tested? Oh well. We still have the cameras.

There are two stores to provision, limited supplies, but that is always a good thing for us to save our money.

It is time to leave. We are ready, not much more to do or see anymore. Cabo is our next stop, in 2 days

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