Monday, October 18, 2010

Clothing overboard

Matt apologized first thing in the morning “sorry, sorry!” he says. I could not figure out what could have gone wrong, it could have not been too serious, because he had a smile on his face. “The bathing suits floated away and under!” he revealed. I had rolled the girls’ and mine on a towel because they were wet and I had to put them in my backpack. He diligently decides to hang the damped towel and anticipating that there would be sand on it, he shook it overboard. Out went the bathing suits flying!. He couldn’t jump overboard on the spot; the current was strong and the latter to get back on board was up. They were moving away quickly and by the time he was in the water only mine was floating, the other two had sunk right in front of his eyes.

I guess the padding on the suits are a good thing to add, not only good for fuller breast and bottom, but also for buoyancy.

The tally of things lost at Sea is the following

6 beach towels
2 bathing suits
1 under pant
221 clothespins
…. and about a year worth of savings. (hehe.. not really!)

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