Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In La Paz

 The flight was wonderful, a very small plane, Samantha and Trinidad sat by themselves and kept each other entertained reading the safety booklet (as if it was the best children story), with colors, singing, gum chewing and a little fighting. The both cheered as the plane departs and lands ignoring the dangers associated with those moments and not noticing that a good number of passengers perform the sing of the cross. Their favorite part was when the cart with the peanuts and tomato juice shows up! The flight was 2 hours long, very comfortable and fun, specially flying over, through or under the thunder heads, It is quite a sight to see a vertical cloud right on the window especially if they have the shape of a teddy bear.

After the normal procedures of arrival we had to decide to rent a car for $30 or pay a Taxi $30, the choice was clear! We got a car for 24 hrs to explore the surroundings of La Paz from a different angle with a view of the ocean from the beach and not of the beach from the ocean. Our main stop was “Balandra” One of the most beautiful places we have seen while sailing, but the worst overnight anchorage. No worries today, we will drive home!

Once in La Paz we had to start the search for a place to stay, as usual. I am in charge of getting the quotes. We stop, I got off the car to run into one of our options and I hear.. “Where are you coming from?” I look up a little disoriented and I see our friend Craig from Journey; a vessel we met in Tenacatita several months ago. It felt good to find a cruising friend, unfortunately, he is only here to put his boat in Yacht Path the day we take ours out. His family is already back home (Seattle, WA) and their cruising is over… for a while. We still managed to spend a little time together and share each other’s stories and we listen to how sailing had impacted their life.

We found a very good hotel in one of the main streets for a very reasonable price and excellent service, “San Bernardino”. We spent 3 nights there until it was time to pick up Endurance.

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