Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mexico City

I would have loved to spend more time discovering the fun, cultural, historic, modern, beautiful parts of this large, large, LARGE city, but the thought was too overwhelming therefore it never happened… we would have spent great part of the day sitting in traffic and paying for it; just not a good idea at this time. We decided to continue the trip to La Paz in the afternoon the same day, but Aeromexico had other plans for us. The plane was oversold and they asked for volunteer to stay overnight with all expenses paid and 4 R/T tickets, good for a year to fly in any equivalent routes. What a bummer, we were the ones!!..hehe … We were soon taken to a 4 star Hotel were we committed the sin of taking, not one, but 3 baths! What a magnificent treat send from heaven!

We sat at the airport for a couple of hours the next day and again they asked for volunteers, only this time they needed just 3, one of us would have had to fly and that was not an option! We boarded as normal individuals, pretending to have a busy schedule.

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