Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personal Relations

My friend is writing an article about relationships on board, I was wondering if patience is one of the topics she will cover. It tends to brittle easily as it just happened in between Matt and I.

- “Are we out of juices?” Matt yells from the salon

- No, they are in there “I yelled back

- “Where?” he asked again as expected

- “In the juice hole, right there, where they’ve always been!” I replied thinking I can’t make it easy for him, he should really know by now.

- “Oh Come on!” probably calling me names in silence

- “There are only a few holes in there, one has milks, the other has juices”

- “Oh, I would have called it the soda hole” he says

- “How many sodas are in there?” I asked sarcastically

- “None, but we used to have it full of them” (he is probably thinking it should be called the “ass….”)

- “May I have some juice too?” knowing that he wants to tell me.. “get it yourself”

- OK

He brought me the juice, I look at him and said:

-“Thank you, you gotta shave”

- You gotta sh…” he replied

Ok, is this a sign of being too close together or too long together? The good thing is that the more it happens, the tougher we get and the easier is to bounce back after silly word exchanges like this.

He did shave… and he looks amazing!

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