Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The treats of the trade

-“Whatcha Gonna Do, Whatcha Gonna Do… Endurance”
-“Lets go to 18” “18” pip 21, pip 20, pip 19, pip 18..
-“Hey Mike, Are you ready to go?”
- “Stand by for a second…(1 Missisipi, 2… )” We will be ready in 10 minutes”
- “Give us 20”
- “Ok, we will meet you at the dinghy dock”
- “Ok, back to 22”
- “back to 22”

I packed some green apples and salt, “totopos” chips and refried beans with Jalapenos, Oreo cookies and water. The kids put their suits on, grab their masks, boogie board, Matt loads the dinghy and I stuffed my backpack with all the rest and a little of the just in case. We headed then to Tecolote Beach where the kids would run, built, flew a kite and we tasted their famous Margaritas and dug our feet in the sand. We have really enjoyed the company of “Whatcha Gonna Do”. We are anchored next to each other and have been spending several social hours together. Barbara and I have been walking every other morning. It has really been great!.

So back to our trip to the beach, as we were heading back to our boats, Michael suggested we stopped at Marina Costa Baja, the nicest marina I have seen by far, to take some fancy showers. What a great idea!... except for the fact that we are no guests there. Costa Baja Beach Club is simply a magical place to be, perfect for self esteem build-up. The sun disappearing in the horizon turning the water into a master piece of art, the merging illusion of the no-edge-pool water and ocean water, the soft lighting, the music, the decoration, the sitting arrangements and style, it all combined well into feelings of sophistication and relaxation. To top off the scenery we met two wonderful couples who as a sign of admiration for the life we were living invited all of us to a beer at the bar. I love the turns life throws on you! This life is really “The Life”.
Thank you Stacey and Dave for your fun and cheerful spirit!
Thank you Michael, Barbara and kids for the wonderful time we have shared!

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