Monday, October 18, 2010


There are some codes and technical terms used while on a radio conversation, besides keeping it descent these are some examples:

1. The channel of call in La Paz is 22, but you must clear it quickly so after you establish contact with the vessel you are looking for, you must pick the channel you want to use.

We will say things like:
“Do you want to go to 21?”... why would they say no I don’t want to?...mmm… I wonder!
“Let’s go to 18!”… why not 21? Unless it is bussy, I don’t know why the extra finger motion. Some cruisers (including me) pick 68 or more.
“Let’s go to 68 and up” It means you move to 68 and if it is bussy go to 69, 70, 71, one at a time until you find an open channel.

No one normally says:
“let’s go ## and down”
“let’s go (10+1) x 2 + 1 and up”,although, I did try it and the other party got a little confused.

2. One must never reveal embarrassing information on any channel, it is common to have people who were not intended to be on the call switching channels with you to be well informed of everyone’s business. In that respect, it is a horrible idea to ask for advice on how to treat fungal infections…haha.

3. If you want to sell something off your boat, you must know that it is illegal to make money in Mexico being a foreigner so make sure your deals are in “coconuts”

4. There are some terms like “Roger” which means “yes” “I copy that” “I understand” “positive” but be certain not to make mistakes like it happened to Matt.

He called vessel “Avalon”, the captain picks up and Matt says “your name is Mike right?” the man answered “Roger”… silence strikes… “oookay” says Matt unable to determine the answer. He had to continue the conversation avoiding the use of the man’s name. Later that day, they met in person and were able to clarify. His name was ROGER.

Another consideration is to have a reliable VHF, not only to get assistance when needed, but to give information and receive the appropriate feedback. Our radio has been experiencing some issues, where we can’t hear the other party and just today, a man called us about a kayak we have for sale and when we told him the price of $200, the radio went silence… I thought...”Matt tell him 150, quickly 150!” but he called us back right before … It almost cost us $50 dollars!

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