Monday, October 11, 2010

End of the Isolation

We met a family living in the marina with their twin daughters age 7; holly and Shea, just one day older than Samantha! Where have they been all this time?!! It has been great meeting them, the girls are having a great time. There is no enough hours in the day to play!. Yesterday, I saw them last at 10:30 AM and later they showed up to sleep. Well, not that good! Shellie and David, the parents of the girls, were kind enough to let them play on board their boat while we did a major clean up! We had them over for wine in the evening. This morning, first thing they called each other on the radio to execute a major business plan; to set up a lemonade stand. They did quite well! Icy drinks are a highly demanded beverage with this temperature levels, but the main money maker was to see such cute set of girls with a great entrepreneur spirit. They were getting 500% tips. Another good incentive was Shelly’s generous proposition of doing a profit match. I remember my days as a child, it was so easy to make money, if I only would have reinvested the money instead of buying myself those candies! I would be a millionaire today… planning to take a sailing trip...haha.

I have Trinidad next to me at the moment, burning with fever. She has been coughing for a couple of days. The whole time in the South her defenses did amazingly well, but today she was defeated! Sadly, because she wanted to play so badly with her new friends that she was willing to fake her discomfort. I hope the bugs are not moving from body to body so the twins and us remain healthy.

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  1. Aloha Endurance,

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. We are the family from Mesahch met you briefly in Tenacatita. Looks like you had a great trip south. We are in Hawaii for the next few months and look forward to catching up with your family. Glad you met the crew of Imagine. Sienna misses all her sailing friends. Hope you are around when we head back to the Sea. Meshach is in Puerto Escondido now. What are your plans?
    Tanya Thor Tristan and Sienna