Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time to Fly!

The alarms will go off at any minute…. I wonder if we miss it, no, it will go off soon.. should I try to sleep a little longer?.. pip-pip-pip-pip… it’s time, 4:00 AM! The bus from Golfito to San Jose passes right in front of Land and Sea (the place where we stayed) a few minutes after 5:00 AM. If we are not standing in the specific location or waving in the middle of the road, the driver won’t stop. I know this for past experiences. I was anxious! We stood there under the rain for a little while, but made it all right. It took 7 hours to arrive with a few stops to eat and use the bathrooms in between. It was mostly good with the exception of a little bus sickness… oops! Trinidad could not take it very well. Once we got to the bus terminal we hopped in a taxi to another terminal and then to a second bus that would take us to Alajuela, where the airport is located and where we had reservations for Hotel International. For $50 dollars we got free internet that didn’t work, free breakfast that we couldn’t eat, see-thru towels, sheets that didn’t fit the mattress, a fan missing all its wires and the coldest shower yet! (this last was my fault). I was happy the next morning when the experience was over and we got away with only a $50 dollar expense.

One more day of early rising, 3:30AM, the plane leaves at 7:00 AM. We take the taxi to the airport just a block away, but the taxi still managed to rip us off with a $5 charge. We stepped out of Costa Rican territory at 7:00 AM or technically at the moment of boarding and headed to Mexico City. Here is where a new adventure begins.

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