Tuesday, October 19, 2010


“Cruising friends are lifelong friends” I was told. I have really no idea, but I am so enchanted by the people we meet and the memories we keep that I can see myself looking for opportunities to meet again. Circumstances and interests will have change, but the intensity of the experience for sure will guarantee and incredible reencounter.

Such was the case with Maggie and Neville from M/V Blue; a wonderful couple we met at the beginning of our trip. They called us on the radio Friday morning and we agreed to get together the next day. We had a fun evening together, we share a little of what we lived and heard a little of what we missed when we left. They are now in their way to Mazatlan and have plans to circumnavigate the world. We will follow their adventure from home. A second surprise, wonderful surprise! was to find a note stacked to our dinghy one afternoon from our great friend James, the one who drew tears the day we split. Not only because he would supply us with all the fish..hehe, but also because he made our trip a much richer experience. We love the guy! We had dinner together at “Tequilas” (good pizza place) and ice cream at “La Michoacana” (our favorite). He spent the night with us and left the next day. We really wanted to kidnap him and take him to the islands, but he said he would come meet us further north in the Sea in 10 days! Yeah!!

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