Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Agua Verde

Ten days ago we agreed to meet our friend James here, communications are not an easy thing in this part of the planet, in this sort of lifestyle. Agreements are made in advance, plan Bs and Cs and Ds.. and Zs are elaborated in case of weather, rip sales, motor break down, lack of fishing, excess beer, amazing snorkeling, loosing track of time, days of the week etc. So, James who was currently working on his boat in Escondido was going to drive to meet us at the signal; either the satellite signal sent using the “Spot” (a device that sends a signal with our coordinates to a satellite and then this is placed onto our website) or a satellite phone call using the Iridium phone. After 2 trials with the phone and with the feeling that it was not going to work out, we heard the sweetest sound of the horn of a truck coming down the hill. There he was, our friend! “My little buddy” says Trini. So thoughtful, he showed up with Neapolitan ice cream, Nutella and cookies for the kids, all sorts of fruits and veggies, tortillas and beverages for us all. Thank you James!! We had a great time!

James spent one night with us, a full day the next day. We all had such a good time that it is hard to see him go, as always. He is gone in the afternoon, we will do the same the following morning!

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