Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crossing the Sea

There are strong winds coming from the North Thanksgiving day, we must leave either Tuesday or Wednesday, that is when we met Barry and Sue on Wave glider who were preparing to cross. It is somewhat comfortable sailing with the knowledge that someone else is experiencing the same seas as we are and that if there is an emergency they could witness it and maybe offer help and vice versa.

Tuesday 3 AM both vessels are doing the crossing which was bumpy at first, long and with more heeling than I desired, but, oh well, after a few hours we are used to its awkwardness. Not too many times one gets to cook in a 45 degree angle and that uniqueness factor I secretly looove!

We were doing our last long passage of this voyage and I wondered how I could write about such a meaningful step, we are moving East, our home is actually getting closer not further away, we are sadly closing episodes of a rich and aggressive adventure. Sadly because it was overall amazing and truly sad because when we started we had a year to look forward to new places, new cultures, new foods, sun, water, beaches, palm trees and money to spend and now we are looking at finding work and broke…haha. Not really, we are sooo blessed, we have friends and family we look forward to see, we have a good place to live in, we enjoy the work we do and look forward to it and we feel richest than ever!


  1. For me, the sadness is shared, since it will likely mark the end of vicariously following your adventures through your blog. You've shared a gift with your children that will inspire them for life.

  2. I too share your sadness, for I know too well what it is like. I am sad that I can't continue to follow your stories and photos on the sea. And I am sad because I suspect, like it has been for us, your transition back to land life will be tough. But you are so right, the memories made, and friends found along the way are more then worth it. We celebrate with you, one excellent adventure. Congratulations