Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hook in Isla San Francisco

Apart from being a nice cove to anchor and snorkel, it was a full day of fun for the girls, we had very little involvement in their entertainment. They play for a long time in the luring waters of the salt ponds, splattering and then sitting in them. They found mud puddles as well where they painted beautiful boots on their feet and they did plenty of running around pretending to be Barbie musketeers.

One of the cruising guides we have for the Sea has a nice collection of pictures taken at the different anchorages showing things of interest such as hiking points. The picture of this place is one of a girl in the foreground at the peak of a hiking trail with the bay in the background. I wanted to replicate the scene with myself. I found the hiking trail simple enough to make myself look like a gazelle, I had my hiking shoes and my camera, I was all set. Once I was up, I realized that going down was going to be a rather difficult task, with feelings bordering the state of “panic”, rolling down was not an option, calling for help was too embarrassing to go on with a normal life, scooting down was more likely, but still not as graceful as I would like it. I ended up going down 3 legged (1 arm to hold on, one leg bent and the other reaching the new point down the hill. The worst thing was realizing that the light up there was not quite right and I needed an extra hand to get my picture taken. Since I survived the experience, I can say it was fun!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire crew of Endurance. We hope to actually meet you sometime this year in the Sea of Cortez.